Billy T Jams  5th Feb 2016 Rangitira Q Theatre
MC Guy Montgomery, Nominees James Malcolm, Laura Daniels, Matt Stellingwerf, David Correos, Alice Brine and 2015 Billy T winner Hamish Parkinson.
2014 Billy T winner Guy Montgomery as MC was in good form delivering probably the best performance I have seen from him, grabbing the audience from the start.
First up of the nominees was James Malcolm with some hilarious stories from his life as a young gay man. A confident start and assured performance from such a young comic.
Next up was Laura Daniels. Not a traditional joke telling stand up Laura more plays characters doing skits and sketches. Personally I didn’t find it all that entertaining though some of it was quite clever and certainly some of the audience seemed to like it.
Ending the first half was Matt Stellingwerf. Matt is the most seasoned of the nominees and that showed in his performance. Started off with some self-depreciating jokes relating to him having been there done that already (was a nominee in 2015 also). A polished performance from a very good comic.
The second half was kicked off by David Correos. A more low key performance from his normally high energy in your face style though retained an element of that. Very entertaining stories and good delivery.
The last of the nominees was Wellingtons Alice Brine. A good step up from her AotearoHA performance. She is on a steady rise and it showed. Funny and punchy.
The show was headlined by 2015 Billy T Winner Hamish Parkinson. He started off in the back row of the audience and slowly worked his way down crawling over people before finally making his way on stage. Then went into some mostly unsuccessful crowd work. Seemed to take forever to get going and once he did it wasn’t all that entertaining. Seems to be more into acting out characters than telling jokes/stories.
On the whole a very good night.
While it has no bearing on the awards, from the performances on the night I would have Matt Stellingwerf as front runner followed closely by James Malcolm and David Correos.
But then that is just my opinion.