The Classic Comedy Club New Years Eve Show 2015.
Sold Out well in advance.
Top class line up.
MC Brendhan Lovegrove
Luke Callaghan, John Carr, Alan McElroy
Angella Dravid, Scott W Long, James Keating, The Fan Brigade
James Malcolm, Logan Kitney, Nathan Winter, Pax Assadi
The show started 10 minutes late, I think mostly to people slow arriving and being seated. Once the show got started it was top notch. Very good contrast in styles between the acts in each third, well planned. The sets were shorter in the last third as they were running late but was handled well and managed to get to the midnight countdown and then outside for the fireworks.
Hard to pick a highlight as to me everyone was on good form but Luke Callaghan was very good first up and Alan McElroy was full of energy and got everyone pumped. But if I had to pick out one act it would be The Fan Brigade. These two ladies are in excellent form and are a not to be missed act.
The barstaff did a good job serving a sold out crowd without too much of a wait to get a drink.
The bar did say open for a couple of hours afterwards for those wishing to stay around and mingle with the performers. A good thing as traffic is a nightmare till at least 1am at New Year.
Great night. 9/10