A Cynics Guide To Enlightenment

Friday July First I went along to the Classic Studio to see “A Cynics Guide To Enlightenment”, a one off Auckland performance of Neil Thornton’s Wellington based International Comedy Festival show.

There was a good crowd in attendance with a large contingent of ‘Bears’ supporting one of their own.

The show started with Neil explaining the title. Above Neil were slides which accompanied the narrative which all came across like a Self Improvement Seminar. This theme ran throughout the show which was basically the story of Neil’s adult life and the pursuit of happiness.

There were some dark moments as Neil’s life spiralled downwards and then hit rock bottom before rebuilding and climbing to new heights, but all through it was presented with a high energy and fast paced flow. Many times throughout I was wiping the tears from my eyes it was that funny. Seems wrong to laugh at such misfortune but it was presented in such away it was impossible not to.

The whole show passed quickly and before I realised it the hour was almost up.

I was certainly glad Neil was able to bring this show to Auckland, I rate it right up there with the best of the shows I saw at The International Comedy Festival (International and local).