China Gonzalez Auckland based Mexican comedian. China has some very funny stories on the differences between life in Mexico and life in NZ. A big ball of latino energy and a  very good performer who leaves the audience wondering if she is just a little bit crazy or is that just cultural differences.  2016 Raw Comedy Quest semi-finalist.
Cohan Holloway  Wellington based comic. Appeared in the movie What We Do In The Shadows and one of the stars of the TV series Find Me A Maori Bride. Very good at accents, in particular the various maori accents. Very entertaining animated comedian.
Cori Gonzalez-Macuer Won comedy awards early in his career. Has performed all over the world. One of the stars of the movie What We Do In The Shadows. Has a unique stand up style which I find is sometimes hit or miss but does seem to go well with most audiences.
Dai Henwood Team B captain from 7 Days and host of Family Fued. Multi award winning comedian. His solo stand up shows are a top notch energy romp. One of the counties top selling headliners.

Daniel John Smith Wellington based comedian. Intriguing humorous stories of growing up with a nudist and progressive mother, a weird and interesting childhood and why he does not want to be a father.  Good wordsmith and performer. 2014 Raw Comedy Quest Finalist and Best Comedian Wellington Comedy Awards 2015.
Dave McCartney Relatively new to the stand up scene Dave was a finalist in the 2015 Raw Comedy Quest. Dave has a good energy on stage where his jokes just pop. Rising through the ranks pretty quickly. A born performer (his day job is as a clown) he is comfortable and a natural on stage.
David Correos A 2016 Billy T Award Winner. Originally from Christchurch but now based in Auckland.  A former Olympic weightlifter David brings that explosive energy to the stage. He is like a combination of a oversized cuddly teddybear and a shaken soft drink can exploding in your face. Certainly an in your face style but in a comfortable way.  Voted Best Most Original Material at 2016 Comedy Guild Awards. A must see performer.
Dave Danger A former Best Newcomer Award nominee. An ex cop, ex cage fighter, current ER Nurse Dave has a lot of life experiences to draw from which provide for some excellent material delivered with energy. 
David Oakes Scottish born comedian who has been in NZ so long his accent has softened but still has a scottish perspective on the world which translates to a comedic look on life. Clever witted and articulate, a winning combination.

Donna Brookbanks Auckland based comic, Star of Snort, weekly Improv show at The Basement Theatre. 2016 Raw Comedy Quest Semi-finalist. Also co wrote and appeared in TV3's Funny Girls. A funny witty comic, often with great use of characters and skits along with usual stand up. Donna is a 2018 Billy T Award Nominee.