Down With The Young Ones

John Carr - Down With The Young Ones

John Carr, the self style Godfather Of Geriatric Rap, previewed his International Comedy Festival Show last night as part of the HA! Summer Fest at The Classic Studio.

I personally have never been a fan of rap “music” but what John does is different. More like comedic poetry with a modern cadence. There were actually less of his raps in the show than I was expecting with a lot more funny stories setting up the handful of raps.

There were a number of John’s family and friends in the audience which lead to a couple of in jokes but not that “in” that they were over the heads of the rest.

To show how in with the young ones he is mid show John bought on a special guest in 20 year old Bridget Davies for a 7 minute spot. Bridget was a finalist in the 2016 Raw Comedy Quest and with just under 2 years experience has already become a strong comic. Her 20 year olds view on the world provided a good contrast with John’s 62 year old view.

The show ended with John talking about his grandchildren with a great story (I won’t ruin it for you).

Was a very enjoyable hour and while not a full house those who were there all had a great time. There will be a few tweaks before the International Comedy Festival and I understand that there will be some different special guests each night but knowing the young comics available they will all be good.

John’s shows are all early during the festival (Festival Office must have decided a later time slot would be after his bed time) so will be a good one to start the night with.