Hamish Parksinon 2015 Billy T Award Winner. Originally from Christchurch Hamish is an accomplished Improv performer, actor and an award winning playwright. He brings this to his performances so seems to be more playing a character performing a skit rather than a stand up telling jokes. While some of it is clever and funny overall doesn’t do much for me.

Inosi Colavanua is tall and he wants you to know it. Good at gags with a twist. Another of the young Auckland comics on the rise. Fijian Inosi guest starred with Frickin Dangerous Bro for their 2016 NZICF Show. 2016 Raw Comedy Quest Runner Up.
Jamaine Ross  Christchurch raised Auckland based comedian. Billy T Award nominee. Part of the sketch trio  Frickin Dangerous Bro  and a talented stand up. Also a talented writer for TV shows on TV3 and Maori TV and winner of the 2012 Raw Comedy Quest.
James Keating One of the best short joke writers in NZ. Billy T Award nominee. James has a deadpan delivery which adds to the impact of incredibly well written one liners. Very clever and very funny.
James Malcolm A young comic who has come a long way fast. Originally from Wellington now based in Auckland. Won the 2014 Raw Comedy Quest and was a 2016 Billy T Award nominee and again in 2018. James looks like he needs parental consent to be in a bar yet performs comedy at a level that certainly belies that look. Already a top performer. 

James Mustapic Canadian born recently moved from Dunedin to Auckland. James seems a lot younger than he actually is which creates a vulnerable character on stage. Very funny gags about life as a young gay man and issues with his father. Good writer and performer with a bright future. 2016 Raw Comedy Quest Finalist.
James Nokise Voted Best Male Comedian in 2013 and a Billy T Award nominee. Wellington based but tours nationwide and performed internationally. Excellent political satirist. Great story teller tackling issues in a very funny and entertaining way. Very popular as a Headliner or MC. 
James Roque A Filipino kiwi comedian/actor/writer. Part of the sketch trio  Frickin Dangerous Bro and a talented stand up. 
James Stewart Runner up in 2013 Raw Comedy Quest.  James has a unique somewhat manic awkwardness to his delivery style which adds to his likeability. There is a dancer buried deep down in his soul which occasionally pops out in comedic interpretative  dance. Funnier than he realises.
Jamie Bowen One of the most talented kiwi comics of the century so far. Four times a Billy T Award nominee. Jamie has toured throughout Europe and Australasia. One of the top comedy writers for stage and TV. His stories are very clever and extremely funny. He takes his audience on a somewhat manic but enjoyable journey. Won awards for Best Writer (Live Performance) and Best Live Show in 2015.
Jarred Fell A multiple award winning comedy magician. His shows are fast paced delivered with a mixture of sharp wit and campness. Always highly entertaining.
Jeremy Elwood Auckland based Comic. Another who has performed a lot throughout Asia and North America. Regular guest on 7 Days. Clever stand up with intelligent and thought provoking comedy that is highly entertaining.

Jerome Chandrahasen Wellington based comedian/actor.   A hughly experience award winning comic Jerome has an easy relaxed manner. He engages with his audience creating a connection while delivering comedy that have you both laughing and thinking. Jerome is the founder of the Humorous Arts Trust and board member of the NZ Comedy Guild. 
John Carr The self styled " Godfather of Geriatric Rap" John is what you would get if the love child of The Mad Butcher and Eminem took up stand up comedy. He delivers clever comedy raps. As someone who hates rap and hip hop I wasn't keen on him at the start but midway through the first rap was won over.

Julia Clement Auckland transgender comic. Julia has humourous stories of the differences of living as a man and living as a woman from the view of someone who has done both. Has some real hard hitting punchlines that standout out. Runs One MIc Standup Open mic with her wife Tessa.

Justin "Rusty" White is a veteran of the Christchurch and South Island comedy scene.  He is a great wordsmith and has many well crafted jokes as well as long form stories. Talented guitar player and moderate singer. A strong performer and very entertaining comedian.
Justine Smith 2003 Billy T Award winner and voted best Female Comedian in 2008 & 2015 and Best MC 2015. Justine is not just one of the funniest female comics in NZ but one of the funniest comics full stop. 

Keegan Govind Part Polynesian Part Indian Part Power lifter and a big fan of white people.  West Aucklander who pokes fun at himself growing up as a Polynesian Indian Westie. Taking risks and pushing boundaries with a very good audience rapport, one to check out before he blows up. Raw Comedy Quest semi-finalist 2016 and Raw Comedy Quest Finalist 2017.