HA! Summer Fest 2017


Patch Lambert - Character Building ... Building

2017 Billy T Award Nominee Patch Lambert had a trial run of his work in progress show for the International Comedy Festival. Hutt Valley’s Patch comes across as a loveable scruff the type mothers love to hug. His combination of charm and awkwardness coupled with stories of a life stumbling from disaster to disaster wins the hearts of the audience. A talented story teller and comedic writer Patch will be a strong contender for the Billy T Award this year.

Angella and Ray Figure Things Out
Auckland’s Angella Dravid and Wellington’s Ray O’Leary are both 2017 Billy T Award Nominees and teamed up to preview and work on their International Comedy Festival shows.
First up was Ray, who looks a little like someone dressed up a homeless man in a suit. He covered topics from his Veganism through to philosophy. Well written “intelligent” comedy on some highbrow subjects but the jokes are accessible to all.
He was followed by Angella whose stage presence seems shy and nervous but she has a proven quick sharp wit. She opened with one of her well known jokes and then spent 20 minutes explaining the background to that joke which included her extraordinary life from mid teens onwards. Both eye opening and hilarious. Angella is unique and special.
Again two more strong contenders for the Billy T Award.

Hangry Americans
Wellington based ex pat Americans Neil Thornton and Molly Sokhom are angry and hungry, hence Hangry.
They started off together talking about what comes to kiwis minds when thinking of American food while handing out Doritos and American chocolates.
They then did a 20 minute solo spot each. I have seen Neil many times and he never fails to entertain. I had only seen Molly once before in a short 6 minute spot so was pleased to see more of her work and was not disappointed. Two very good comedians. Unfortunately they do not have a show in the International Comedy Festival but are doing shows in and around Wellington and Neil has shows in the Bear Festival in Auckland.
They also have and youtube channel check it out here.

There were many over shows over the Fest including Summer Raw (new comics), Pro Showcases with comedians from throughout NZ, The Future Quiz (crazy quiz where the questions and answers were all from the future) and The Comedy Debate (Check out the Debate on Radio NZ). All in all a great fortnights festival celebrating the Classic’s 20th year. This has already be scheduled again in 2018.