Lana Walters Auckland based Lana is a good writer with a relaxed engaging delivery style who lets the audience see deep into her personal life. Some of her material shows glimpses of her inner prankster which could allow her some different paths for her future. Raw Comedy Quest Finalist 2016.
Laura Daniels Not a traditional joke telling stand up Laura more plays characters and performs skits and sketches. A very accomplished sketch and improv artist and one of the stars of TV3 show Funny Girls. 2016 Billy T Award nominee and again in 2018 (along with Joseph Moore as Two Hearts duo)

Lauren Mabbett Good joke writer with self-deprecating gags about her lack of fitness and life in general. Very personable performer reminiscent of a young Jo Brand. 2016 Raw Comedy Quest Finalist.

Li'i Alimoana A Wellington born samoan comic. Mixes stand up and music, playing both guitar and keyboards (not at the same time). Li'i is a 2017 Billy T Award nominee.
Logan Kitney A comedy magician. Sometimes referred to as Jarred Fell's apprentice. He seemingly bumbles and fumbles his way through various tricks which all turn out great in the end. Almost like the Frank Spencer of magicians. Laughs abound throughout.
Louise Beuvink A Raw Comedy Quest finalist. With a background in sketch and improv, Louise brings snappy jokes and some deeply personal stories to the stage.  Has graduated from rising star to established comic. Always funny.

Lucy Roche Wellington Raw Finalist Lucy comes on stage looking like a cute innocent young lady then hits the audience with stories about anal sex, deep throating, prostituion and porn. Great stage presence and delivery of her raunchy material.  Winner of the 2016 Raw Comedy Quest she will be a star of the futue.  
Luke Callaghan Auckland based Californian comic. Voted 2013 Best Newcomer. One of the most improved of 2015 Luke is on the rise becoming a very good stand up comedian. His Californian view on kiwi life in general and kiwis in particular is hilarious. His impersonation of the kiwi bloke "accent" is one of the highlights of the latter half of 2015.
Maarten Idema Auckland comic winner of 2013 Raw Comedy Quest. Mix of clever one liners and funny short stories.

Matthew Harvey Auckland based English comedian/poet/musician. Matt refers to himself as a performance poet but in spite of that he is surprisingly funny. Well written and performed comedy poems backed up with comical songs accompanied by his electric ukelele and the occasional interperaptive dance. 2015 Raw Comedy Quest Finalist.  
Matt Stellingwerf Describes himself as Thor if The Avengers was funded by NZ ON Air. 2015 & 2016 Billy T Award nominee. As a trained criminologist Matt has varied and interesting life experiences which he has translated into crazy funny stories. A multiple nominee as Best MC this probably comes from his relaxed manner with audiences. Currently based in UK.
Michelle A'Court One of New Zealand's longest serving female comics, multiple winner of Best Female Comic and voted Female Comedian Of The Decade in 2010. Has performed at top venues throughout the world. Well known for her work in all forms of media. Still on top of her game as one of the top kiwi comics.
Melanie Bracewell Auckland comic co winner of 2015 Raw Comedy Quest. Quirky yet engaging and very funny. 
Mike Loder  2000  Billy T Award winner. W heelchair bound comic with an acerbic wit. Punchlines surprise, very unpredictable. Short great punchy jokes.
Nathan Winter Originally from The Hutt alternates between Auckland and Wellington.  A talented joke writer who writes for various TV3 shows and a multiple Comedy Guild nominee for most offensive gag and best gag, winning Most Offensive in 2015. Nathan enters the stage looking harmless and inoffensive, then he grabs the mic and that all changes. A lot of his jokes are mildly offensive yet very clever. 
Neil Thornton Wellington based New Yorker. Neil brings a humourous take of the life of an American "Bear" and his husband living in New Zealand. He tackles issues in a way that makes you think and laugh at the same time. Neil taught English and Creative Writing at University in New Orleans before turning those skills to comedy and it shows through his well structured performances. Probably the funniest gay american comic currently living in NZ.
Nick Rado Multiple award winning comic (had a stranglehold on Best MC Award). Billy T Award nominee. Head writer for 7 Days. Has performed in UK, Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and of course throughout NZ. In high demand due to his consistently high performance level.

Nic Sampson Auckland comdian writer and actor. Won best newcomer at the 2014 NZ International Comedy Festival and was a 2015 Billy T Award Nominee and has followed that up being a 2016 NZICF Freddy Award nominee. As well as being a skilled stand up Nic is a very accomplished at sketch and improv comedy.