Reviews by other trusted reviewers

This page will feature links to reviews of comedians and/or shows conducted and written by others and linked with their permission.

Best Friends - Brendon Green NZICF by Craig Moodie

Two Hearts - Laura Daniels & Joseph Moore NZICF by Johanna McDavitt

Terrordactyl - Patch Lambert NZICF by Oliver Smith

Down The Rabbit Hole - Angella Dravid NZICF by Clayton Barnett

No One Puts Briney in The Corner - Alice Brine NZICF by Lincol Vaz

Minority Rapport - Li'i Alimoana NZICF by Lincol Vaz

Laugh Now Google Later - Tim Muller NZICF by Oliver Smith

Little Bitch - Becky Lucas NZICF by Wal Reid

Going Full Correos - David Correos NZICF 2017 by Oliver Smith

Dollars And Sex - Lucy Roche NZICF 2017 by Tegan McKnight

Happy Hour - Tony Lyall NZICF 2017 by Oliver Smith

Anxious To Meet You - Ashton Brown NZICF 2017 by Oliver Smith

Unaccompanied Adults- Clarke& Hutcheson NZICF by James McGeorge

Snort  NZICF by Tegan McKnight

Various reviews on Appetite For The Arts by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

Live at The Apothecary (June Edition) by Marika Jackson  (regular monthly show that usually sells out)            

Limited Company by Oliver Smith (David Oakes and Anthony Wilson)

The Wild Blue Yonder by Marika Jackson (Brendhan Lovegrove 2016 NZICF Show)

Nic Sampson Has Fallen Down A Well by Oliver Smith (Nic Sampson 2016 NZICF Show)

Comedians For Hire by Marika Jackson (Brendan Kelly & Tony Lyall 2016 NZICF Show)

Bachelor Of Arts by Johan Chang (Matt Stellingwerf 2016 NZICF Show)

Honest Bro by Shawn Modie   (Dave McCartney & Dave Nicholls 2016 NZICF Show)

Dangerman & Awkward Boy by Marika Jackson (Matthew Harvey & Scott W Long 2016 NZICF Show)

Eggs & Ham by Oliver Smith (Brendon Green 2016 NZICF Show)

Fools Suffering Gladly by Oliver Smith (Richard Lindesay & Ashton Brown 2015 NZICF Show)