LOLology A Stand Up Comedy Experiment by Tim Muller

Crave Cafe Morningside tonight (9 Sept) hosted Tim Muller's "Experimental" standup show. A nice friendly cozy room which was two thirds full. The show started off with Tim introducing the show concept and chatting with the audience. He did his proven established material for 10 minutes which went very well. Then he bought on the special guest for the evening 2016 Raw Quest Runner up Inosi Colavanua who did a nice set with some good ad libs about the setting then flawlessly moved into his regular material. 

When Tim came back on he moved into new material which was a lot more hit than miss, certainly many more LOLs then lulls. There were a couple of jokes that didn't go quite as well as the rest but certainly no duds. While Tim comes across as serious he does have a friendly and engaging manner which was relaxing. Most of the new material was good and certainly getting some great laughs from the crowd.

The final show of this run is Sat 10 Sept with special guest 2016 Raw Finalist Bridget Davies.
Will be an entertaining night.